Medical Chiropractor Reveals a Skill to Relieve Backache, Neck, Knees and Hand Pain in Seconds!

It is important to know that the Myofascial Pain Syndrome is a type of regional pain of muscular origin that is located in a muscle or muscular group constituted by a tense band that increases constantly provoking pain.

Also some small injuries can cause that such as: bad position, recreational or labor activities with excess of effort, tension of the soft tissues of your joints or bones positioned incorrectly or abnormally (it differs in the length in some parts of the body), infections, etc.

Nevertheless, in this article we will show you how you can eliminate the backache, neck, knee and hand pain with an easy, fast and certain method using only a tennis ball! It will help you stretch and relax the muscles which caused the pain.

Here are our suggestions:

1. Neck pain

For this exercise you must lay on the ground with your face up. Then put 2 tennis balls under the base of your skull. You will have to move your head so that the balls make themselves comfortable in the back part of the neck. Stay like that for 1 minute and then change the direction turning the head up and down and center your head on a side. Repeat this 3 times on every side.

2. Backache

This type of pain normally appears because of the bad position of sleeping or sitting, improper footwear etc.

For the exercise, put 2 tennis balls under your back, between the coccyx and the ribs. Then, move the pelvis on both sides trying to move the balls through the whole back. Make sure you do the slowest possible movements in the rigid rear areas and reduce the pressure in the spinal column. Breathe deeply and repeat for 5 minutes.

3. Knee pain

For this exercise you must sit on a chair, cross your knees and put a tennis ball in the later part of the knee. Repeat this 10 times and relax for 10 minutes.

4. Hand pain

For this exercise you must put a tennis ball on a table and put your hand on the ball, placing the other hand over it to add more pressure. Move the tennis ball horizontally with the palm of your hand. Do this for 3 minutes and repeat 3 times on each hand.

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