Use Rosemary Alcohol and Get Rid of Cellulite, Varicose Veins, Gout and Muscle Pain!

Rosemary alcohol is a completely natural product that can be prepared at home or you can buy it at a pharmacy.  Thanks to this fabulous ingredient, it can eliminate the cellulite, and in order to get the best result, you just have to combine the use of rosemary alcohol with physical exercises and a balanced diet.


  •  2 tablespoons of rosemary alcohol
  • 2 cotton pads


  1. Soak the cotton pads with rosemary alcohol.
  2. Apply the pads on the area from your knees up to the hips so it can cover all the parts of your skin, mainly the back of the legs, just below the back part, which is the area which normally accumulates a greater amount of cellulite.
  3. Repeat the above procedure with the other leg using another cotton pad. It is very important to exfoliate your skin before applying this remedy, since the rosemary alcohol then penetrates in the skin better and the effect will also be better. If you want to prepare your homemade rosemary alcohol, all you have to do is put several branches of fresh rosemary into a clean jar and cover them with 90% alcohol.
  4. Keep the jar in a cool and dark place. Shake the jar every day so that the alcohol can absorb all the beneficial properties of the rosemary. Leave it to rest for 2 weeks, then filtrate it and store it into a new bottle.

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