Drink This To Clean Your Lungs From Phlegm, Nicotine and Tar Easily and Naturally!

If you want to clean your lungs of any flu, nagging cough or if you are simply a smoker and you want to clean your lungs of all those fumes, today we are going to show you a remedy with numerous benefits. This remedy can be consumed by little kids and also adults. It is completely natural and doesn’t cause any side-effects.  Remedies or homemade recipes sometimes have better effects and results to those remedies that some doctors prescribe.

Here’s the recipe!


  • ½ a liter of water to boil
  • ½ Kg of medium carrots
  • 3 or 4 tablespoons of honey

Preparation: First, wash the carrots very well. Then, cut them into slices and boil them until they are softened. Remove them from the fire and wait for them to cool down. Strain the water and reserve. The water where you boiled the carrots should be mixed with the honey.

After that, add the blended carrots. You should get a mixture that looks like syrup.

Among the benefits that this syrup has are that it helps you prevent the appearance of acne, prevents cancer, reduces cholesterol, protects heart diseases and cleans your lungs, but also eliminates toxins.

Take 1 tablespoon of this syrup every four hours. You’ll start noticing an improvement in only 4 days. If you notice any side effects, do not continue using this syrup! Keep it refrigerated!

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