This Is What Happens When You Postpone Your Toilet Time !

When we’re tired, sleepy or caught up in traffic, we often postpone our trip to the bathroom. It seems harmless, but actually delaying urination can have severe consequences. Here are the possible complications from delaying urination as listed by Dr. Benjamin Barker in an article published in the “Women Health” magazine. This is related to the amount of urine produced, which is different in every person. Sustaining from urination can cause dehydration and extreme bladder sensitivity, with most women being unable to hold on for more than 3-4 hours.

What’s the worst that could happen?

There are no fatal consequences, but you can experience urinary tract infection or bladder pain if you delay urination. The infections can cause pain and stinging during urination, and often require a visit to the doctor’s office. Going to the bathroom every fifteen minutes is not easy, but keeping the body properly hydrated is vital for your health. If you must, you can delay urination by a little, but a delay of four hours should be avoided, as all doctors agree that this practice can damage your health.

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