Around 60% of our body is consisted of water, every single cell, tissue and organ needs water to function properly.

If we want to lose some weight and stay energized, we must stay hydrated.

Food metabolizing and other important chemical reactions in our body require proper hydration. If your organism is dehydrated, the metabolism will slow down and losing weight can become a problem. Even 1% dehydration can have a negative impact on the metabolism.

Prevent overeating with water

This is very true. Sometimes, the body can mix the feeling of hunger and thirst, so instead of drinking water our body lacks, we eat more than needed. To avoid this, drink a lot of water before your meals.

Dehydration can cause health issues like: weakness, fainting, dizziness, headaches, dry skin and mouth, low blood pressure, muscle cramps, constipation and many more.

If your body is chronically dehydrated, it can cause cholesterol problems, damages of the liver, joint and muscles, constipation and kidney stones.

How much water does your body need?

The quantity of daily water intake depends on your weight. More mass need more energy which required more water. This is how to calculate the amount of water you need:

  • Measure your weight
  • Multiply the number by 67% (2/3) to get the quantity in ounces. If you weight 120 lbs., for example, you need to drink 80 ounces of water every day.
  • Account for exercise: For every 30 minutes of moderate to heavy exercising, add 12 ounces of water.

Slender Kitchen has created this water-to-weight ratio chart, for your convenience.

Weight/ Daily water in ounces

100 pounds/ 67 oz.
110 pounds/ 74 oz.
120 pounds/ 80 oz.
130 pounds/ 87 oz.
140 pounds/ 94 oz.
150 pounds/ 100 oz.
160 pounds/ 107 oz.
170 pounds/ 114 oz.
180 pounds/ 121 oz.
190 pounds/ 127 oz.
200 pounds/ 134 oz.
210 pounds/ 141 oz.
220 pounds/ 148 oz.
230 pounds/ 154 oz.
240 pounds/ 161 oz.
250 pounds/ 168 oz.


How to stay hydrated:

  1. Make it a daily routine: Drinking a big glass of water should be your habit every morning after getting from bed and every evening before going to bed. This will get 32 ounces off the daily goal.
  2. Small goals: Get a reusable water bottle not only because it`s good for the environment but also because it will be useful to track how much water you`ve drank using the bottle measurements. If there are none, draw some markers on the bottle setting a small goal for that day. Motivate yourself by making a game out of it!
  3. Improve the taste: Add some cucumber, lemon or your favorite berries to improve the flavor of the water, without the necessary calories of the commercial flavored water. You can buy some water diffusers, or even better- slice them into small pieces and just toss them in the water.
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