Lemons are one of the healthiest fruits in the world – they are rich in numerous essential nutrients and have incredible health benefits as well. However, many people don’t like their bitter taste, which makes them difficult for consumption. As you probably know, lemons are the best natural source of vitamin C, but they also contain plenty of magnesium, potassium, copper and electrolytes. If you don’t like their taste, but still want to benefit from lemons, you need to start drinking lemon water.
Drinking warm lemon water in the morning has become a habit of millions of people, but rarely anyone knows how to prepare the drink properly. People usually just squeeze the lemon in a glass of water and throw away the peel, but you should know that lemon peel contains many important nutrients and is just as beneficial as the fruit itself. To properly benefit from lemons, squeeze one in a glass of warm water, then grate the peel in the drink as well. Now, put the rest of the used lemons in another cup and fill it with water and drink both beverages.
This amazing drink can improve your health on so many levels – it will give you a jolt of energy, improve your digestion, reinforce your immune system and regulate your blood sugar levels. Thanks to the high content of vitamin C, the lemon water will keep you safe from numerous ailments. Start drinking it today and you will feel much better soon.

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