15 Homemade Face Masks That Will Make You Glow

Let’s talk homemade face masks. We all spent our teenage years concocting them with the contents of our fridge. There’s a lot to be said for knowing exactly what’s in your skin-care products. A hand-crafted, locally sourced, artisanal beauty product is to me what Christmas is to five-year-olds.


While I love the beauty benefits of all-natural products, I don’t always love the price tag of small-batch brands. Those “made in the USA” and “gluten-free” labels translate to higher prices. That’s why I’m equally obsessed with homemade face masks. It’s a chance to play chemist in my very own skin apothecary and it costs a fraction of the price of my precious Fair Trade products.

We’ve rounded up some of the best homemade face mask recipes from dermatologists and beauty experts that deliver skin-healing, glow-inducing magic. Whether you need an avocado mask to hydrate parched skin or an egg-based facial mask to tighten pores, these are the best homemade face masks for your skin.

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