1. Fever

Sudden fever with the frosty can be an ordinary influenza however in the event that it stays for long, you have to get it tried immediately. It is a noteworthy side effect of HIV.

2. Fatigue

HIV infection specifically influences your stamina and lessens your vitality level. Your body answers you for the new assignment you’ve chosen to begin even before the day closes.

3. Muscle ache

Your joints, legs, and back starts aching hard. It makes even the easy routine tasks difficult for you.

4. Headache and sore throat

Your invulnerability gets frail, and that is the reason diseases assault you effectively. You regularly feel bothering in your throat furthermore the migraine stays for a long time and even evenings.

5. Rashes on skin

Skin reveals all about your health. The effect of HIV also shows off on the skin in the form of itchy rashes.

6. Brittle unhealthy nails

Even nails get brittle and you can encounter color changes in your nails. They turn yellow.