Unfortunately, not all diseases can be avoided, but still, there are many that you have control over, like cancer. Many researches claim that cases of cancer deaths are caused by lifestyle choices–smoking, drinking, sedentary lifestyle, and yes, improper diet.


Your diet can impact your health in a great way, including your cancer risk. You may have no idea that what you have on your plate are cancer-causing foods if you’re not too vigilant. What should be on top of your dining table are those that can combat this life-threatening illness. It’s a really great number.

Cancer is a class of diseases that has more than a hundred types and has become prevalent worldwide. It even kills an average of 7.6 million people every year! This disease occurs when there’s an abnormal cell growth in the body that invades healthy normal cells and can interfere with the body’s important processes.

Lumps called tumors that can inhibit normal functioning of the body’s systems, and release hormones that change body function are formed when the damaged cells grow and divide uncontrollably. Malignant tumors travel around the body through the blood or lymph systems and destroy healthy tissue.

According to numerous doctors, the quickest and least expensive way to prevent cancer is with a healthy diet. There are so many foods out there that have potent cancer-fighting substances. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables is an excellent way to reduce cancer risk. Fruits and vegetables are abundant in cancer-fighting antioxidants that neutralize free radical damage in the cells, as well as some of the most essential vitamins and minerals.

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