Place Ice On This Point Twice A Day And Something Amazing Can Happen To Your Body!

Traditional Chinese medicine or (TDM) is solely based on believes that “chi” or “qi” energy flows through certain paths in our body called meridians. Many people who practice traditional techniques believe that the main cause of a disease is a blocked meridian that prevents the chi energy from flowing throughout your body and stimulating your organs to work efficiently.


Every single meridian in our body represents a specific internal organ. These so-called meridians have their own special pressure points that if stimulated, can release obstructed chi on the meridian that will remove and alleviate any block that causes problems in the related organ.

Many believe that stimulating these pressure points can greatly improve your mood, health and stimulate the overall body to perform better. This can be done by having a cube of ice placed on a specific point on the neck. People who have been practicing Acupuncture have confirmed some of the marvelous effects that this technique has on the body. The best thing about it is that it is easy, fast and everyone can try it.


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The pressure point where the cube of ice needs to be placed is between the tendons on the back of your neck, just above the base of your hairline. Acupuncturists call this technique “Feng Fu” or roughly translated “Wind Mansion”. Stimulating this point will result in overall well-being.

Find a position that you feel comfortable in (sit with your back straight or rest on your stomach) and place a cube of ice on the pressure point on the neck. Secure it there with a headband or a scarf and hold it there for about 20 minutes. At first, the cold will feel uncomfortable but in a minute or so, your body will adjust and you will be able to feel the amazing increase of heat in that specific point.

Acupuncturists recommend this technique early in the morning and before going to bed since those are the best times of the day to stimulate the releasing of endorphins in the blood stream and therefore create energy that will maintain both physical and mental balance while strengthening the body and the immune system.

Performing Feng Fu on a daily routine is also believed to:

Improve sleep quality
Aid digestion
Prevent colds
Reduces joint discomfort, toothache, and headache
Enhance breathing
Treats gastrointestinal problems
Manages thyroid disorders
Assists with asthma symptoms
Reliefs arthritis
Relieves and manages menstrual conditions such as cramps
Helps in handling depression, tiredness, and tension
NOTE: Do not try this technique if you have epilepsy, schizophrenia, a pacemaker or if you’re pregnant. For more information about this technique check out the two videos below that will show you how to perform this utilizing technique that will help you in the fight against many health issues.


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